Needham Native Landscape

This Needham residence is located in the Charles River watershed, almost completely within the wetland buffer zone. IDDLA worked closely with wetland engineers and the Town's Conservation Agent to develop a landscape design that is sensitive to this context while fulfilling the owner's interests and complementing the traditional house. 

IDDLA's design for this neo-Georgian home includes a modern interpretation of the traditional parterre garden with native plantings and natural slab bluestone paving. The fresh, modern result enlivens the facade and provides the family with a small, sunny patio. We added a circular driveway with native shrub bed, a small apple orchard and are training wisteria to scale a custom trellis over the garage, grounding the house into its natural context.

An evergreen-lined path leads to the back of house, with a private fire pit terrace and spaces for the family to play and, literally, hang out. IDDLA transformed unused spaces under deck and porch to create family-friendly lounging areas. Views into the beautiful wooded wetland are featured throughout the design.

SCOPE: Master Plan, Design Development, Permitting, Construction Administration