Waban Hilltop Residence

Perched on a Waban hilltop, this residential landscape takes full advantage of its spectacular overlook.

IDDLA developed a master plan for the property to best locate a new garage, an outdoor dining room, and entertaining spaces; maximize playable lawn area; and facilitate vehicular and pedestrian access while providing privacy on an exposed corner lot.

Our design features a firepit and dining terrace that enjoys a vista into the adjoining neighbor's tree canopy and allows easy circulation between garage, mudroom and kitchen. By contrasting fieldstone and bluestone with tropical hardwood, the terrace we designed exudes the warmth and ease of this family's life. The wood-clad bench offers comfortable bench seating for the table and features an internal light source, adding to the evening ambiance of the space. IDDLA provided support throughout the phased construction, some of which was owner-built.

SCOPE: Master Plan, Landscape Design, Construction Oversight

Photos by Sabine Mueller